New Vs Pre-Owned

Before you go making the step of either buying new, or building your own home, we though we would put together a list of pro’s and con’s, just so you can make sure new is for you.



Built in accordance with the latest New Zealand building codes and safety regulations, we only use rib-raft foundations  so you know your Foundation is fit for purpose.

Built with industry standards in insulation, energy efficiency, and best building practices.

May offer the opportunity to match your personality along with a “style” you identify with

Rarely require the number of upgrades and maintenance of a pre-owned home.

Immediate move-in upon completion of build.  Certainty of a move-in-date.

A blank page and  a chance to cater the design of your home to match your lifestyle.

Our 10 year promise * Your home comes with warranties, on the home itself, and all the appliances provided.*



Building Inspections required that could find damages such as structural, electrical, water egress and out-of-code issues.

Outdated home appliances, cooling/heating units that may require replacement.

Limited  options not matching your personal style. Or limited to an “era”.

Repairs, maintenance and renovation costs exceeding your initially planned budget.

Required repairs and renovation could delay your initial move-in date.

Maintenance, leading to an endless number of tasks just to meet your personal standards.

Pre-owned homes come with older appliances and exclude extensive, reliable warranties